The Problem

ALTI Lighting is a family run business that was established in 1990. In 2017, they embarked on a broad rebranding exercise that re-examined its logo, philosophy, products and services. 

When they approached us, they were looking to update their brand and had a vision of establishing an e-commerce presence sometime in the future.  With a very comprehensive and complex product catalogue needing review, and an outdated content management system, these 'passionate lighting nerds' had a few concerns that they needed assistance with.

Our Solution

With those requirements in mind we started working with them to come up with a new identity. The newly designed logo captures a traditional, well known and recognisable industry brand that has a modern edge. We also redesigned and rebuilt their website to match their new look.

With regard to their large product catalogue, we worked with them to simplify and streamline product discovery through a facetted search function. Underlying the work that was done with the product catalogue is also a roadmap to helping them achieve their e-commerce objectives in the future.

Ultimately they want to sell their products online so we provided them with a simple framework and the tools to easily do this when they are ready. As we have used Drupal 8 for this project, they have a user friendly website that the ALTI team can easily manage, maintain and edit all by themselves, whilst providing a perfect platform for future development.

Year: 2018
Budget: $20k - 50k
Timeframe: 8 weeks
Product view
Product landing