The Problem

When we took the brief from CTEC they emphasised how they would like it to be easy for people to find the right course and then enrol in it. They also wanted to be able to waitlist volunteers (students who assist during the courses) and to be able to manage that waitlist fairly and systematically. Finally, they wanted email marketing integrated into their courses.

Our Solution

We developed an events management tool that allowed them to schedule courses and for people to register for them. From a visual perspective, we made it easy for people to do this via a selection tool on the homepage. 

With respect to the waitlists, we built a custom Drupal module to achieve this. Using Campaign Monitor's API, we integrated course subscriptions to individual mailing lists. This allows the client to communicate directly with users based on what courses they have previously attended.

Year: 2016
Budget: $10k - 20k
Timeframe: 8 weeks
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