The Problem

The Ear Science Institute is composed of four pillars (clinic, community, education and research), which systematically addresses key areas of audiology practice and science, and a fifth area focussing on fundraising. All five areas are independently managed and part of the brief was for one website to cover the five different areas. 

They also wanted to be able to accept monetary donations from their annual fundraising event via the website.

Finally, they wanted a central knowledge base and the ability to share content and know-how from the knowledge base across the five areas of the site.

Our Solution

We ensured the website was structured so that the five areas were represented with their own 'mini site' comprising of each area's respective logo, branding and content under the main Ear Science site. 

We then built a system for donations and ticketing that is directly integrated to their Westpac merchant account via the Westpac PayWay API.

Finally, we created a central repository that allowed videos, client stories, fact sheets, articles, forms and other associated information to be shared and accessed across the site.

Year: 2016
Budget: $50k - 100k
Timeframe: 2 months
ESIA homepage