The Problem

Mellen Events contacted us to develop a website for a new festival of light called the Kaleidoscope Festival. Even though we have worked with them for some years now, this project was a little different.

They required a vibrant website to match the event, a spectacular and dazzling display of light, art, music and food. They needed the site to be completed in the very short timeframe of four weeks. They also wanted an uncomplicated, user friendly site so they could manage all content without our involvement and finally, it needed to work exceptionally well on mobile phones.

Our Solution

We quickly turned around the website and had it delivered under the deadline. We paid close attention to the design to ensure it was both visually appealing and usable. As the festival was billed as a 'vibrant visual feast for all the senses', the site had a focus on trying to convey the different performer's shows. 

As per the brief, we created a simple website that the client had full control over and was simple to use. We made sure that it was easy to navigate on mobile phone devices (and all other screen sizes).

Year: 2016
Budget: $10k - 20k
Timeframe: 4 weeks